Logbook Servicing

Any new car you buy from a dealership will come with a warranty, protecting you from certain surprise expenses early in the vehicle's life. To get the most out of your warranty, your dealer will require that you bring your vehicle in to a reputable mechanic for its regular logbook services, to catch any potential trouble before it becomes a serious problem.

At Sab's Auto's we can provide logbook servicing for all makes and models of petrol, diesel and LPG-powered vehicles, from passenger cars to light commercial vans and utes. We'll check your car thoroughly for anything out of order and keep you informed of its condition, letting you drive away with the peace of mind of an intact warranty.

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Brake Repairs

Being able to bring your vehicle to a stop when you need to is essential to safe driving, particularly with the stop-and-start nature of city driving. Your brakes, however, are possibly the area of your vehicle most subject to wear and tear, and should be checked regularly for faults.

We're able to provide a full range of brake repairs and services, from replacing worn brake pads, discs and drums, to the machining of new brake pads or the restoration of the brake disc surface. All of these will ensure your vehicle has the stopping power it needs when it matters.

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Steering & Suspension

A number of ride comfort or handling issues stem from problems developing in your vehicle's steering or suspension systems. Wear and tear here can result in issues like unresponsiveness or 'play' in the steering, or body roll when negotiating corners.

Our team of mechanics can offer repairs for your vehicle's steering and suspension, from servicing power steering systems to replacing worn car springs, shock absorbers, bushing and more.

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Roadworthy Inspections

Before selling a second-hand vehicle, or transferring ownership to a third party, or re-registering an older model car after a long time off the road, VicRoads will require proof that it can meet the demands of Victorian roads, and is consistent with base standards for driving in Victoria. This requires a Roadworthy Certificate.

Sab's Auto's is a VicRoads licensed vehicle tester, allowing us to conduct roadworthy inspections on all passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, up to a weight of 4.5 tonnes. We'll check your vehicle's key components and safety features to ensure everything is in working order, and either present you with a Roadworthy Certificate, or a list of repairs required to claim one.

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Clutch & Transmission

Problems with your vehicle's drivetrain can manifest in a variety of ways, from a sticking clutch pedal or other problems changing or staying in gears, to grinding or clunking sounds from underneath the car. These warning signs are best heeded, as drivetrain problems can drastically affect your vehicle's performance on the road, or even interfere with starting up your vehicle.

We can service and repair all kinds of manual or automatic transmissions, as well as inspect your clutch and hydraulics for trouble that might interfere with your drivetrain.

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Radiators & Cooling

Keeping your engine cool is paramount to maintaining a healthy vehicle. An overheating engine can cause all manner of trouble to your vehicle, from physical damage to engine parts to corrosive deposits in your engine itself. If you think your vehicle is overheating, it's best to pull over to the side of the road immediately to let it cool, or drive it very carefully to Sab's Auto's for a check of your cooling system.

We can get your cooling system back into shape, offering replacement radiators, heater units and thermostats, as well as a coolant flush to remove any blockages or clogs in your lines that may be interfering with your cooling.

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Engine Repairs

Your vehicle's engine is the beating heart of your vehicle. Without a healthy heart, you're going to have trouble driving your vehicle anywhere, least of all at its best performance or fuel efficiency.

We can provide repairs and servicing of all petrol, LPG and common-rail diesel engines, from reconditioning to injection system cleaning, fuel pump maintenance and head gasket repairs and replacement.

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Diagnostics & Auto Electrical

With cars becoming more and more sophisticated in terms of their electronics, having an electrical system capable of providing the host of sensors and gauges that monitor your vehicle's performance with the power they need is crucial, as is the ability to check your vehicle's on-board diagnostics systems for issues.

Our workshop is fitted with the latest in diagnostic scan tools, able to interpret your vehicle's dashboard warning lights with a greater level of information to accurately locate vehicle trouble. We can also replace faulty batteries, alternators, starter motors and other electrical components.

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Other Services

Sab's Auto's can offer a wide range of other services, including:

  • Economy system repairs
  • Tyre fitting and balancing
  • Windscreen repairs and replacement
  • Accident repair, through our sister business Sab's Auto's Body Works
  • VicRoads accredited child restraint fitting
  • RACV pre-purchase inspections

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Used Cars

Sab's Auto's stocks a broad range of used cars for all sorts of driver, from late model passenger vehicles to pre-loved classics looking for a new home.

All vehicles we have for sale have been inspected by our team of mechanics and certified as roadworthy, allowing us to speed up the sales process if something in our range catches your eye. Your vehicle will also come with a Sab's warranty, providing a certain measure of peace of mind with your purchase.

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