Over 30 years of automotive experience

Sab's Auto's has been setting the standard for quality used car sales and auto repairs in Melbourne's inner west for over 20 years. Sab and his team are ready to help you find your next high-class automobile or provide the best advice for your own problem car. We're also able to assist drivers caught in an accident through our subsidiary Sab's Auto's Body Works.

Sab's Auto's is a proudly family-owned and family-operated venture, dating back to Sab and his father working together and financing their first location. Expanding over the years, Sab's Auto's has become one of the largest used car dealers and auto repairers in the western suburbs, helping drivers from all over Melbourne.

As a member of the VACC's A-Grade Automotive Network and the RACV, Sab's Auto's strives to maintain the high standard of quality expected of A-Grade businesses, with regular evaluations of the premises, the quality of vehicles sold, the knowledge and friendliness of staff, and the willingness to go the extra mile for customers, all to ensure Sab's customers get the very best in automotive repairs and customer service.

To find out what Sab's Auto's can do for you, or to enquire about our range of used cars, get in touch with one of our friendly staff today!

  • Amazing is the word, well done, business of the year you should be! Guys, we will be back! - Serena Hetherington Lawrence
  • Sab's knowledge, expertise and advice has been invaluable to both me and my wife. Can't find a better spokesperson for a business in this industry. I especially want to thank him and his team for the comprehensive professionalism and recommendations with our mechanical needs, which resulted in savings of thousands of dollars. Highly recommended to come in and have a chat for a tremendous service and cordial treatment - Simão Lagoá
  • Love the service here, very professional and speedy, highly recommended! - Gus Solis